Financial Wellness Program

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How It Works?

“The evolution of Australian society and the Australian financial system have made financial literacy a necessary and critical skill for consumers and investors.”

Your Financial Partner has been specifically designed to help Australian households make more informed decisions relating to events that affect their financial future.

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Journey to financial Wellness

1. Get to Know You

We understand that everyone is different – that’s why we developed the Financial Fitness Checkup. This powerful diagnostic tool will identify your key financial vulnerabilities that you should be working on.

2. Action Step Program

These on-demand tutorials have been designed to help you tackle your financial goals and priorities one-by-one at your own pace.

3. Members Dashboard

You can track your progress via our intuitive and interactive Members dashboard. Our platform works on all desktop and mobile devices so you can get involved wherever you are.

4. Customised Reports

Managing your finances can feel overwhelming. That’s why at each stage through your journey to financial wellness you will receive jargon-free feedback about how you’re progressing.